Chase Farm Hospital redevelopment Q&As

What facilities will the new hospital have?

The new hospital will include facilities for elective (non-emergency) care, diagnostics, out-patients, an urgent care centre, planned elective surgery and post-operative care, women’s services, an older person’s assessment unit and rehabilitation facilities. 

How long will hospital construction take?

Construction of the new hospital has now started. Services have been relocated and preparatory work, including demolition of unused buildings and alterations to some of the internal roads, has been completed. The new hospital will open in 2018.

What happens to patients during construction?

We are carefully planning the development so that all services remain operational throughout construction and disruption to patients is minimised. This is why the old buildings will stay until the new hospital is completed. 

Why are we selling land and what will it be used for?

Chase Farm Hospital is a large site; much of the site is underused and many of the buildings are old and dilapidated. We are selling parts of the site which will not be needed in future to help fund the redevelopment. 

The land will be used for a residential development of up to 500 new high-quality family homes and apartments, including key worker accommodation set within a landscaped environment. 

A new three-form entry primary school will be built on the southeast of the site to provide much needed school places for new and existing residents. 

Who is paying for the redevelopment?

The government is set to contribute almost £82 million towards the redevelopment, with the shortfall being met by the sale of surplus land and funds invested by the RFL. 

Is the paediatric assessment unit (PAU) closing?

Enfield CCG, which is responsible for commissioning the paediatric assessment unit at Chase Farm Hospital, will shortly be carrying out a consultation over the future of the unit. We will await the CCG’s decision.

Will the new hospital have an A&E department?

We are committed to implementing the Barnet, Enfield and Haringey (BEH) clinical strategy, which means that the urgent care centre, which now sees more than 100 patients a day, will continue to be operated on the site. There will not be an A&E department as this is not part of the BEH clinical strategy.

Is there going to be enough parking?

Car parking for the hospital, school and residential land uses has been carefully assessed. We believe that the agreed level strikes the correct balance between encouraging sustainable travel and the operational needs of the site. The multi-storey car park will remain.

Will there be any additional buses/public transport serving the new development?

Transport For London have concluded that the development will not require any additional bus services. The redevelopment will provide us with the opportunity to improve the location of the existing bus stands/stops and shelters.

How can I get involved?

Local residents and stakeholders are invited to regular meetings to hear about the redevelopment's progress, ask questions and share their views. Find out more about how to keep up to date with the redevelopment.

Can I ask questions and share my views online?

We encourage people with any questions or comments to email us at