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Gynaecology - clinic information

The gynaecology out-patient department is located on the ground floor next door to in-patient pharmacy and is located with the antenatal clinic.

Colposcopy and rapid access clinics are in the colposcopy department, which is accessed from the gynaecology clinic.

Out patient hysteroscopy is located on the first floor in the ambulatory procedures unit.

Urodynamics is located on the first floor in the ambulatory procedures unit.

Out-patient clinics
Monday am Colposcopy – Sister Flynn
Pelvic floor – Miss Hockey
Rapid Access clinic - Miss Evans

pm Colposcopy – Miss Radhakrishnan
General gynaecology clinic - Professor MacLean
General gynaecology/oncology clinic - Miss Evans
Tuesday am Nurse led Colposcopy – Sister Flavn

pm General gynaecology – Mr Economides
Recurrent miscarriage – Mr Economides
Wednesday am General gynaecology – Mr Magos
HIV gynaecology – Miss Boyle
Colposcopy – Sister Flynn

pm Rapid access clinic – Miss Mavrides
Out-patient hysteroscopy and one stop fertility clinic – Mr Magos
General gynaecology – Edgware clinic – Miss Abdul-Kadir/locum
Thursday am Colposcopy – Sister Flynn
Vulval clinic – Professor MacLean

pm General gynaecology – Miss Tuck
General gynaecology – Miss Hockey
Joint gynaecology/haemophilia clinic,
haemophilia centre – Miss Abdul-Kadir
Friday am Colposcopy treatment clinic – Miss Evans
Urodynamic clinic – Miss Hockey

In the Ian Charleson Centre on a Wednesday morning there is a women’s focused clinic for those who are HIV positive. This includes cervical cytology and colposcopy, general gynaecology and family planning. The service is led by Miss Radhakrishnan and Miss Evans

Women with bleeding disorders
In the haemophilia centre on a Thursday afternoon Miss Abdul-Kadir has a clinic for women with bleeding disorders. This clinic is a multi disciplinary clinic and provides a comprehensive care for these women. It is run by a haemophilia specialist, obstetrician and gynaecologist, haemophilia nurse specialist and family counsellor/therapist. Referrals are accepted from GPs and other clinicians looking after these women across the UK. Patients have direct access to this service. In association with the haemophilia society, a website ( has been set up to raise awareness and provide support.

Pre-admissions clinic
All women admitted for surgery are seen in a pre-admissions clinic. If they are for day surgery they will be seen on the third floor in the day surgery unit. If they are for in-patient surgery, they will be seen in the main gynaecology out-patient clinic

As we are a teaching hospital we have medical students attached to the teams. They may ask questions and be present during examinations if appropriate and with patient’s permission.

page last reviewed: 07 March 2014