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Haemophilia and thrombosis: the haemophilia centre

The haemophilia centre is a comprehensive care centre, providing a range of services for patients with haemophilia, von Willebrand's disease, other inherited coagulation factor deficiencies and inherited platelet disorders.

The service includes clinics for diagnosis and management of bleeding disorders (see clinic information). Patients with severe lifelong bleeding disorders have specialist needsĀ and are able to access other services across different disciplines.

Specialist nursing team

Led by nurse consultant in haemophilia Christine Harrington, the team are responsible for:
  • coordinating haemophilia services in the hospital and in the community, including liaison with other hospitals and haemophilia centres
  • a telephone helpline during working hours
  • home treatment training and education, including home and school visits
  • management of the home delivery of clotting factor concentrate.
  • management of treatment for bleeding episodes, dentistry and surgical proceduresĀ in the hospital
Staff of the heamophilia centre

Psychosocial support and welfare advice

Nicola Dunn, family therapist

Patients can self refer to this service.

Musculoskeletal services

Mr Nicholas Goddard, consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Mr Haroon Mann, consultant orthopaedic surgeon
Paul McLaughlin, haemophilia physiotherapist

Between them they are responsible for regular assessment of joint and muscle function for patients with severe haemophilia, identifying the need for surgery and intensive physiotherapy. Patients with other bleeding disorders requiring orthopaedic assessment and surgery may also be referred to this clinic.


Dr David Patch, consultant hepatologist
Dr T T Yee, Haemophilia centre

This combined clinic, held every two months, provides care for patients affected by Hepatitis C, including assessment, discussion of management options and the initiation of monitoring treatment.


Dr. Margaret Johnson, consultant physician
Dr T T Yee, Haemophilia centre

This combined clinic, held every two to three months, provides care/management for patients with HIV infection.

Clinics for women - obstetrics and gynaecology

Ms Rezan Abdul-Kadir, consultant obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr T T Yee, haemophilia centre
Debra Pollard, clinical nurse specialist

This clinic, held every other week, provides antenatal care including planning for the delivery of a child who may be affected by a bleeding disorder. Advice and treatment is also provided for women who experience heavy periods as a consequence of their bleeding disorder.

Genetic counselling and diagnosis

Dr Keith Gomez, consultant haematologist & senior lecturer
Nicola Dunn, family therapist

This clinic, held every other week, provides genetic counselling and diagnosis for women and their families.

page last reviewed: 21 December 2012