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Haemophilia and thrombosis: Anticoagulation and thrombosis

There are three consultant-led thrombophilia clinics for patients with inherited and acquired thrombotic conditions. These conditions can contribute to the development of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism and risk of miscarriages.

We have a dedicated team of anticoagulation nurse specialists. The team is responsible for initiation and maintenance of anticoagulation. Medically it is supported by a specialist registrar and a haematology consultant.

Services include:-

  • Anticoagulant monitoring clinic, which uses point of care testing (POCT).
  • Out-patients DVT service, where patients are referred directly from A&E to avoid hospital admission for DVT.
  • Peri-operative anticoagulant bridging, to ensure anticoagulation patients are adequately prepared for surgery.

Staff of the heamophilia centreIn June 2003 the anticoagulant nursing team introduced a new ambulatory service to the trust for the care of patients with DVT. The aim of this service is to provide daily outpatient care for newly diagnosed DVT patients thus avoiding hospital admission.

Nurse-led anticoagulation clinics - see clinic information

Thrombophilia clinics - see clinic information

Dr Anja Drebes - locum consultant haematologist, clinical lead for anticoagulation
Dr Pratima Chowdary - consultant haematologist

Paul Priest - lead anticoagulation nurse
Lida Moghaddam - anticoagulation clinical nurse specialist
Shaila Bates - anticoagulation clinical nurse specialist & VTE nurse

Anticoagulation contact details - see contact us

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