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Tissue viability

The tissue viability team operates an in-patient/out-patient service for the Royal Free Hospital covering referrals from all areas within the hospital - approximately 900 beds - while running vascular/leg ulcer clinics alongside three established vascular consultants.

The team consists of five senior specialist nurses who have undergone specialist training in the assessment and management of complex wounds with university accreditation.

    picture of the Tissue viability team
  • Lesley Mattin (matron for surgery and tissue viability)
  • Jemell Geraghty (clinical nurse specialist tissue viability)
  • Amanda Cannell (specialist sister tissue viability)
  • Phil Crichton (specialist sister tissue viability)
  • Eleanor Woodgate (specialist sister tissue viability)
  • Hannah Angland (junior specialist sister tissue viability)

The tissue viability service aims to provide specialist advice, assessment and management of acute and chronic wounds to all health care professionals, patients and families.

Service provision includes:

Leg ulcer assessment and management (in-patient and out-patient)
  • Doppler assessment.
  • Skin care advice and management
  • Dressing advice and management
  • Compression bandaging/hosiery
  • Advice and education on exercise, lifestyle, diet, pain and chronic disease processes.
Pressure ulcer assessment and management
  • Skin and pressure area inspection advice and management
  • Prevention of pressure damage involving advice and education for staff, patient and families on how to prevent pressure damage
  • Specialist assessment of pressure damage and treatment by team
  • Support for staff, patient and families during stay in hospital.
  • Close liaisons with community teams on discharge ensuring continuity of care
Acute/surgical wound assessment and management

Other areas covered by the service include breast care; paediatric/neonate wound care and accident and emergency.


The tissue viability office is based on the fourth floor, clinical offices, Royal Free Hospital. Pond Street. London. NW3 2QG.

Making an appointment

It is not possible to make an appointment with the team as an out-patient unless you are currently being seen by a medical/surgical team as an out-patient or have been seen by our team as an inpatient. If you are concerned about your wound or need advice then you must contact your GP or practice nurse who will refer or advice on the appropriate course of action.

In case of emergencies please contact NHS Direct : 0845 4674

If you are already under a medical/surgical speciality as an outpatient and you have concerns about your wound then please liaise with your doctor or contact the team directly.

Appointments must be made at least two weeks in advance and depending on the teams schedule it may not always be possible to see you at short notice.

The team will liaise with you and your medical/speciality to arrange an appropriate appointment.

Contact Us
The service runs from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. The team work in the vascular/leg ulcer clinics all day Monday and Wednesday afternoon and are present on the wards at all other times therefore there may not be anyone present in the office from these times.

Messages can be left on the answer phone which is checked three times a day.
Telephone: 020 7794 0500 ext 38882.

Tissue viability nurses should only be bleeped if it is urgent: Bleep: 2405/2865/2614

Comments from patients

"The tissue viability nurses have been very kind, helpful and very professional. They work very hard and are always cheerful. They have all made my leg very much better". M.N.

"The nurses are great; the bandages are a work of art and keep us sane." J.W.

"I have had 20 years of ulcer problems - your nurses are the best I've ever had". B.E.

"I have received the best treatment and the results speak for itself. I don't know how to express my gratitude and thanks to the noble services rendered by you all". M. K.

Our Vision: "Provide individualised, expert wound care for our patients, families and colleagues based on the best available evidence and clinical practice"

Our Mission: "As a team we are dedicated to high quality patient care and experience".

page last reviewed: 14 June 2012