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Maternity unit - Preparing you for your pregnancy and birth and beyond

Preparing you for your pregnancy and birth and beyond

Services offered

We currently offer all first time mothers antenatal education. Classes are held in the community and within the Royal Free. We recommend that you book your classes with your midwife before 20 weeks as they are generally booked up early. Priority is given to women who live within our local area, however, there are a limited number of classes available to women who live further afield. We recommend that you start your classes between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding workshop

You are welcome to attend a breastfeeding workshop towards the end of your pregnancy. Please ask your midwife to register you for this workshop.

Breastfeeding advice and DVD

Your midwife will discuss with you why breastfeeding provides exactly the right start in life for your baby and also for you as you adjust to life as a new mum. To take home when you book your care with our maternity unit, we will give you ‘From Bump to Breastfeeding’, a new DVD from the Department of Health. This is both an easy view and a wonderful resource as you start breastfeeding, something to watch now and refer back to once the baby arrives. It explains why and how to breastfeed, how to avoid problems and how to cope in more difficult situations. It also comes in several languages, including Urdu, Bengali, Somali, Polish and British sign language. You can also view the DVD at:


Early pregnancy physiotherapy classes

These classes offer advice and practical help for all women on a range of subjects including:
  1. Pelvic floor exercises to minimise urinary leaks both during and after pregnancy
  2. Backache
  3. Suitable baby equipment
Dates for classes & venue are provided at your booking visit or please ask a midwife from antenatal clinic.

    Labour and waterbirth workshops

    This workshop is for women booked at the birth centre. Once you are booked by your midwife and complete a registration form, you can contact the birth centre on 020 7317 8360 to book your workshop date.

    Pain relief classes

    We hold walk- in sessions which cover pain relief in labour e.g. TENS, epidural. We suggest you attend after 32 weeks of pregnancy. Dates for classes & venues are provided at your booking visit or please ask a midwife from antenatal clinic.

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