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Royal Free pioneers tool for London doctors

posted 24/08/2007   expires 24/11/2007

A sort of “SatNav” to help doctors work out the best treatment options for their patients, which was invented by a Royal Free doctor, is now available – free - to all doctors in England and Wales following the inclusion of  London GPs and hospital doctors as part of the London IT Programme.


The Map of Medicine is a tool to aid clinical decision making. It provides information from 28 specialties, organised into 370 “patient pathways”, and is designed to support clinicians with on-the-spot decision making.


It is the brainchild of Professor Owen Epstein, consultant gastroenterologist.

“I see it as a virtual consulting room for primary and secondary care  - a sort of "SatNav" for doctors to help them work out what’s best for their patients once they’re out of their usual territory or comfort zone.”


He worked with more than 200 RFH doctors and nurses over four years to develop the original 300 patient pathways in medicine, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynaecology and A&E, amounting to 1,400 web pages.


The map is regularly updated to reflect best practice, developments in clinical knowledge and government guidelines. Pathways are peer reviewed by an ever- growing number of clinicians.


For more general information on the map of medicine or to log on, visit: