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Membership events - Event feedback

Medicine for members - "The tunnel at the end of the light - remarkable new ways for admiring your insides from the outside"

Professor Owen Epstein (professor of gastroenterology) - Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Despite the London riots over 95 people turned up to hear Professor Owen Epstein talk about the ways of examining the gastrointestinal tract and how technology has evolved from the traditional endoscope to the latest inventions, at the August medicine for members event.

"A master class in communication"

"Humorous, informative, impressive, pioneering"

"A brilliant speaker with a passion and wealth of knowledge"

"I learned much and had much fun, it is so wonderful to see a specialist who is so enthusiastic about his field!"

Comments from event attendees

Professor Epstein said "I hope to change your perception of the gastrointestinal tract and show you how amazingly complex and incredibly beautiful it is."

Read the full news story about Professor Epstein's lecture.

Medicine for members - "Transforming dementia care in hospital"

Dr Dan Lee (trust lead for health services for elderly people) and Jo James (lead nurse for dementia) - Monday, 6 June 2011

"Excellent presentation - a lot of information given, thank you".

"I am impressed by how progressive the initiative actually is, and how people's emotions are being taken into account"

"The presentation was informative and clear. I thank you for the opportunity to hear of the innovative work developed in this area at the Royal Free. Learned a lot and enjoyed the talk. Will share it with friends and colleagues."

"Excellent talk and a pro-active team"

Comments from event attendees

Medicine for members - "End of life care"

Dr Philip Lodge (consultant in palliative medicine) - Wednesday, 9 February 2011

“The lecture turned out to be not only by far the best attended of the series so far, as far as I can remember, but also the most attentively listened to. It was remarkable how the presentation was accompanied by frequent, vigorous and keen interventions, most of which showed sharp perceptions of the issues. It was quite clear that people had deep (personal?) interest in the topic as well as a high degree of familiarity with the issues. I felt that the speaker's open-minded, inviting and one-of-us manner of presentation was a huge contribution to both the intense listening and the vigorous participation, including forthright challenges. No wonder people wished the discussion could have gone on for much longer.

For me personally, the talk was the most enjoyable, enlightening and indeed motivating of the series so far. I left energized and with many considerations that have previously passed through my mind crystallized. I now intend to properly develop them”.

Event attendee

NB - The trust would like to apologise for the continued problems with the loop system, lighting and microphones. The facilities team will be asked to ensure that these issues are fully resolved before our next event in April.

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