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HIV service
HIV service

HIV services: Routine appointments

The HIV department has been involved in research into HIV since the late 1980s, with the aim of improving the treatment of patients through research into new drugs and best practice. It is one of the largest HIV research centres in the UK.

Clinical trials are run either by pharmaceutical companies, the Medical Research Council or by our own departmental academic staff.

Professor Margaret Johnson is head of the department. Dr Mike Youle is the director of clinical research. The research team also includes many of the other clinicians working in the department, and research nurses.

You may be approached and asked to be part of an HIV clinical trial. This is entirely voluntary and will not affect any other care that you may be receiving within the clinic.

The research nursing team is located in the HIV research office within the ICDC and can be contacted on 020 7472 6232.

page last reviewed: 27 February 2013