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HIV service
HIV service

HIV services: Paediatric and antenatal HIV services

The paediatric and antenatal HIV services are part of the HIV specialist team within the Royal Free Hospital. Although physically separated into two departments, they use a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach.

In accordance with national antenatal guidelines all pregnant women are encouraged to have an HIV test. The aim is that all women have access to clear, accurate information to make an informed choice about HIV testing.

Paediatric guidelines indicate that all children who may be at risk of HIV should be tested. This is discussed with parents and in an age-appropriate way with children. Testing is strongly encouraged for children who have symptoms, have one or both parents known to be HIV-positive, and children of high-risk parents. Children who have been exposed to needle-stick injuries are also encouraged to test.

Both paediatric and antenatal clinics actively support those babies and children who are HIV-positive. We offer a family-focused, highly specialist service for children and families infected or affected by HIV. Many young people are now being transitioned into adult services and there is a multidisciplinary approach to supporting the transition process. All children are under the care of a paediatrician and have access to a full multidisciplinary team whose philosophy of care is in line with the Children’s National Service Framework (NSF).

If you would like to discuss any of these issues further, please contact Debbie Levitt (psychologist) on 020 7941 1800 or Steve McKenna (paediatric charge nurse) on 020 7794 0500 x33327 or x35467

page last reviewed: 06 July 2010