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The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre
The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre for liver transplant and liver medicine

Liver medicine and translplant - Liver intensive care treatment

The liver centre is supported by a 22-bed intensive care unit staffed by a team of seven consultant intensivists, all of whom are experienced in the management of critically ill hepatology patients as well as patients recovering from major hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation. Patients on the unit are managed jointly by the intensive care team and hepatologists or hepatobiliary surgeons. Infection control on the unit is a major priority and this is reflected in the extremely low rate of hospital acquired infection on the unit.

The unit treats more than more than 400 patients a year following acute or chronic liver failure, liver transplant or major liver surgery. The mortality rate on the unit is amongst the lowest in the country and has fallen significantly in recent years.

Patients who are unwell on the ward or who have recently been discharged from the unit benefit from the input of a dedicated critical care outreach team which supports the ward-based medical and nursing staff.

Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre: Liver intensive care

page last reviewed: 26 January 2010