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Nutrition and dietetics
Nutrition and dietetics

Nutrition and dietetics - Your out-patient appointment

In most cases your first appointment will last 45 minutes. A follow-up appointment is usually shorter.

You don’t have to bring anything with you although some people may find it helpful to bring a food diary to help our assessment. If you are diabetic, it would be helpful to bring your blood glucose monitoring book.

In most cases the dietitian will take your weight and height at your first appointment and you may be weighed at any follow-up appointments. We do not carry out any tests but will usually have access to your medical notes and any blood tests you have had at the Royal Free which will help us understand your medical background.

We aim to see all patients promptly. If you arrive late for your appointment (more than 15 minutes for your first appointment and 10 minutes for any subsequent appointments), unfortunately we will be unable to see you. You will be offered another appointment, which may be a few weeks later. Patients who are late more than once will be discharged so as not to keep other patients waiting.

As the clinic rooms are small, we request that anyone accompanying you wait in the waiting room during the consultation unless their presence would be of assistance to you. If you have children, please find someone to look after them if possible rather than bringing them with you. However, if your appointment is for your child, please bring him / her along so the dietitian can do a full assessment.

At the end of your first appointment, your dietitian will discuss with you whether a further consultation would be of benefit. If appropriate, a further appointment will be arranged before you leave.

A report summarising your assessment and future care plan will be sent to the doctor who referred you. A copy will also be sent to you and your GP.

Do you need an interpreter?

Please let us know when you book your appointment if you require an interpreter. The interpreting service is free of charge and the interpreters are confidential and professional.

Waiting times for out-patient appointments

We aim to contact patients within two weeks of receiving a referral and we aim to see you within four weeks of your contacting us to make your appointment.

page last reviewed: 19 March 2012