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Renal services
Renal services

Renal services | In-patient services

The wards

On the 10th floor of the Royal Free hospital there are two renal wards - 10 South and 10 East.

10 South is used for most of the more high-dependency in-patient work. This includes acute transplantation, acute renal failure, severe illness in chronic dialysis patients, ITU step-down and recovery of renal patients undergoing major surgery. 10 South has a number of isolation rooms and all beds are equipped for monitoring and haemodialysis. The acute dialysis team are based here on the Acute Dialysis Unit (ADU).

10 East is mainly used for less ill chronic patients, those undergoing minor surgery and for peritoneal dialysis patients and has some isolation and dialysis facilities. Patients in 10 East can have their care escalated by being moved to 10 South.

In-patient information

Information and advice for in-patients

Key staff

Ward matron - Ann McReynolds


10 South and 10 East are on the 10th floor of the Royal Free Hospital.

Visiting hours are usually between 2pm and 8pm.

page last reviewed: 24 January 2011