Dr Ronnie Chee

Job title

Consultant clinical immunologist


MBBS, MRCP (UK), FRCP (London), DipRCPath, MRCPath, FRCPath

Contact details

Phone number: 020 7830 2141

Email address: ronnie.chee@nhs.net

PA/secretary phone number: 020 7830 2141

Fax: 020 7830 2224

Private practice phone number: 07960 602 102

Private practice email address: michelle.ellinson@nhs.net

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Dr Chee is a consultant clinical immunologist who speacilises in diseases of the immune system such as primary immunodeficiency or congenital forms of immunological deficiency. My main research interest is unravelling the aetiology of nodular regenerative hyperoplasia in patients with common variable immunodeficiency. Dr Chee research interests focus on the interaction of the immune system and the microbiota.  


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