Miss Elaine Scott

Job title

Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist



GMC Number


Contact details

Email address: elaine.scott7@nhs.net

PA/secretary phone number: 020 7794 0500 ext 33184

Private practice phone number: 020 7387 4049

Private practice email address: practicemanagerformissscott@btconnect.com

Related services

Gynaecology, Maternity services


Miss Scott is an experienced consultant, who has a special interest in high-risk obstetrics,maternal medicine and labour ward managment.  She established the obstetric renal transplant service, which she runs jointly with a dedicated renal physician.   Miss Scott has previously been the labour ward lead and the obstetric lead.  She is currently the lead obstetrician for maternity risk managment. 
Her private practice includes obstetrics, advice before pregnancy, and caring throughout pregnancy and delivery for both normal and high risk pregnancies.   Her private gynaecology services include problem periods or bleeding, contraception, cervical smears/well woman checks, HPV vaccination, and gynaecological endocrinology/menopause.


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