Imaging department redevelopment at the Royal Free Hospital

The imaging department at the Royal Free Hospital is undergoing a major redevelopment over the next two years.

Ensuring we are able to provide the very best imaging services to our patients and clinical specialist teams, the redevelopment will include replacing three MRI scanners with new state of the art equipment, upgrading five interventional radiology and cardiology units (IRCU) and installing a new gamma camera and SPECT/CT scanner.

The work has now started, and the first new MRI scanner was delivered to the hospital in June. Once installed these new facilities will help us to see more patients, reduce waiting times and deliver the latest in high quality diagnostic imaging.

We’re excited to announce that the nuclear medicine redevelopment and equipment replacement has now also started. By the end of 2020 we expect to have all of our new MRI scanners and nuclear medicine gamma cameras in place. Replacing our interventional radiology and cardiac catheter labs has also now begun.

To minimise disruption while the old scanners are taken apart and the new ones installed, a mobile MRI unit will be set up in the hospital’s south car park from 1 September. To accommodate this unit, approximately 16 parking spaces will be temporarily closed. This is expected to last until autumn 2020.

Once in place, the new MRI facilities will help us to see more patients, reduce waiting times and allow staff to deliver high quality diagnostic services using the latest equipment.

This page will be updated as the redevelopment progresses.

More information

Information for patients having an MRI scan at the mobile unit is available here.

Imaging redevelopment FAQs.