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Cancer services: completing your treatment

You will be seen in the hospital for regular appointments. Please do not hesitate to contact the team caring for you if you are concerned about anything, at any time.

If you are concerned about a symptom and need to see a doctor, please contact your GP (who can contact us if this is necessary). You may have many different emotions at this time and you may wish to have a period of convalescence or recovery in terms of your physical health and your emotions.

There is a counselling service available if you wish to have some time and space to reflect on any aspect of your illness. This remains available to you and your carers, once your treatment is complete, telephone 020 7472 6739.

Any concerns will be taken seriously, so please contact someone in the hospital, either members of the team caring for you or the information officer in radiotherapy and oncology, Elaine Heywood on 020 7472 6739.

page last reviewed: 28 September 2012