ESR (Electronic Staff Record) – Information and functionality

The Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system is a national web based NHS system used for HR and Payroll purposes.  It is used to record and maintain employee information and has a number of ‘self service’ modules which enable staff and managers to make changes to the information held.

As we move towards a ‘Group Model Operating Framework’ and review our technology requirements a number of decisions need to be taken over how best to utilise ESR.  In the interim period this page will let you know what ESR self service modules can be utilised and are supported by the trust and provide guidance on how to use them.

Employee Self Service

All staff are automatically granted access to ESR Employee Self Service when they join the trust. A username and password are automatically generated which in turn create an individual user account.  

Access to ESR Employee Self Service is available via a number of different methods both within your place of work and remotely from a home PC or via a Smartphone app.

How to access

Smartcard access

If your role at the trust requires you to be issued with a Smartcard.

You can access ESR using your Smartcard from a trust PC. Please note than once you have accessed ESR from a trust PC via your Smartcard this is the only way you can access ESR from a trust PC, you cannot revert back to using the ‘Username and Password’ method. Instructions on how to access ESR via a Smartcard.

Username and password access

Access to ESR via this method is available from a trust PC if you do not use a Smartcard. You must also use this method if you wish to access ESR remotely from your home PC.

If you have not been issued with a Smartcard you will receive a ‘Username and Password’ at Corporate Induction. If you do not have this ‘Username and Password’ or your password has expired please email on how to access ESR via your ‘Username and Password’.

Smartphone app

To access ESR Employee Self Service via your Smartphone, you will first need to download the App to your Smartphone, below is picture of the App you will need to download.

You will need to ensure you have your ESR user name and remote access password  – instructions on how to obtain this.


What can I do in ESR Employee Self Service?

View a matrix (table) which will outline all the ESR Self Service functionality and what is/isn’t supported by the trust, below is a summary of the most useful functionality for staff using ESR Employee Self Service.

  • View your payslips and P60
  • View your Total Reward Statement (NHS pension details)
  • View and change your home address (you cannot change your name)
  • View and change your emergency contact information
  • View and change your disability and other protected characteristic status
  • View and change your bank details

Supervisor Self Service (Limited Access) (SSS)

Supervisor Self Service (Limited Access) is only currently used to record sickness absence for all employees whose absence is not recorded via the Allocate Health Roster System.  Supervisor Self Service (Limited Access) can also be used to view your employee’s personal and position information – it does not provide ESR position numbers. See a full list of the functionality and what is supported by the trust.

Support for ESR Supervisor Self Service (Limited Access) users is provided by the ‘Workforce Systems and Information Team’ who can assist managers and administrators regarding the setup of their ESR hierarchy.  This set up is required to enable managers to access their direct line reports to record sickness absence.  

For further information on both ESR Supervisor and Employee Self Service not detailed in the functionality matrix and user guides, please email

Important note for users for ESR Supervisor and Employee Self Service

ESR Workforce Notifications – ‘PRODUCTION WORKFLOW Esr’

As not all the functionality of ESR Manager or Employee Self Service is fully rolled out or supported by the trust so you may find that you will receive e mails from ‘PRODUCTION WORKFLOW Esr’.   These are automated notifications that support the full ESR Self Service functionality and will inform:

  • Managers – if their employees make changes on ESR
  • Employees – if your manager makes changes to your information on ESR or if there are compliance issues with your Professional Registration, Appraisal or Mandatory Training.

Please consider that as we do not fully support ESR Manager or Employee Self Service and we currently use a number of other methods to check compliance for professional registration, appraisals and MaST these notifications are not relevant and it is possible to turn them off by following How to turn off email notifications.