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The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre
The Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre for liver transplant and liver medicine

Liver medicine and translplant - Research

Sheila Sherlock Liver Centre: Research at the Royal FreeResearch and innovation underwrite excellence and are core activities of the liver centre at the Royal Free, which works in partnership with University College London, one of the 10 leading research universities in the world. Every section of clinical practice is linked to continuous assessment of efficacy and the search for improvement.

Research at the Royal Free stretches from basic laboratory studies, looking to the future in the exploration of gene therapy, cell therapy, and bio-artificial livers, to the assessment today in the clinical arena of the newest therapeutic drugs and endoscopic techniques.

Our consultants have contributed internationally at the highest level across the whole spectrum of liver disease:

  • defining the most effective means of dealing with internal bleeding associated with liver disease;
  • designing more effective immunosuppressive regimes for prevention of rejection after liver transplantation;
  • testing today’s and tomorrow’s drugs for the control of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C and for the treatment of liver cancer; and
  • understanding the complex events whereby liver disease can interfere with the normal function of other organs such as the brain, kidney and heart.
The concentration of research drive across medical and surgical hepatology ensures that the centre remains on the inside track with continuous development.

page last reviewed: 26 January 2010