Online appointment system for adult blood tests at Royal Free Hospital

31 October 2019

At the Royal Free Hospital, we have been reviewing our blood taking service (known as phlebotomy) to ensure that we are delivering the very best care to our patients.

To make sure our patients are getting the best experience possible, from 21 November, the Royal Free Hospital will be introducing an online appointment system to book adult blood tests.

Patients can book their test online from 1 November for appointments from 21 November onwards. Details on the booking system can be found on our website here

This system will bring a range of benefits including:

  • allowing patients, their carers and family members to better plan their visits to the hospital as they will have a specific time for their blood test 
  • 24/7 visibility of available appointments and the ability for patients to book their own appointments
  • the opportunity for patients to view, reschedule and cancel appointments 

If patients are unable to book online, they can call the booking line: 020 7443 9757, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.