Feedback of the week - 14 October

14 October 2016

We regularly receive encouraging feedback regarding the services at our trust, via patient letters, NHS Choices or Patient Opinion reviews and our social media accounts, such as our official Twitter account@RoyalFreeNHS and our Facebook page. Take a look at some of this week's feedback below.

Feedback from NHS Choices

"Barnet maternity - labour ward - very positive experience

We have been fortunate to enjoy a hugely positive experience having our first born at Barnet General on the labour ward, and highly recommend to others considering their choice of hospital. Delivery was not easy (called triage with concerns, told to come in, induced, long and ultimately instrumental delivery). The quality of care we received was first rate, and could not have been any better at a private hospital. The midwives and doctors were all phenomenal, hugely dedicated, clear and confident in their explanations and recommendations. We had plenty of staff on hand at all times of need and always felt so well cared for. Can't comment on birthing centre as didn't use. Post delivery support excellent although here staff of course more busy and require your patience. Only downside with this hospital is parking: fixable in 2 steps, always arrive 30 mins before appointment as you will need to queue and wait for a space, and get the parking app on your phone so you can extend time easily."

"Receptionist staff very helpful

I would like to say a huge thank you to the receptionist in the A&E department. They were very helpful and went out of their way to help my boyfriend who was suffering from a broken jaw. The receptionist was very genuine and sympathetic towards the both of us and we greatly appreciate everything they did for us. Thank you again."

Feedback from Twitter

Full tweets: @Durham, @CC_Csquared and @Eddiebayne