Feedback of the week - 18 July

18 July 2016

We regularly receive encouraging feedback regarding the services at our trust, via patient letters, NHS Choices or Patient Opinion reviews and our social media accounts, such as our official Twitter account@RoyalFreeNHS and our Facebook page. Take a look at some of this week's feedback below.

Feedback from NHS Choices

"Great work from materinity! 

I arrived with mild contractions for planned induction. Midwife and doctor that dealt with me gave it a good chance to start naturally, but as labour was not progressing I had to be induced. I can't praise highly enough every midwife I came in contact with, especially the midwife who delivered my precious little. So bubbly, professional and supportive. Postnatal ward staff also very helpful - i couldn't move about freely right after labour and they sat with my baby while I was in the bathroom, helped numerous times with breastfeeding. In general I called for help a lot and not once my request however small was rejected. I would recommend Royal free to everyone especially after hearing and comparing my friends stories at other hospitals."

"Good work from Barnet Hospital A&E!

Visited at 4 am on a Saturday morning.. No-one there - just 2 patients before me. Yet still had to wait for 2 and a half hours to be seen. Maybe because they had to get an ENT doctor for me? Florescent strip lighting makes me very dizzy and the vending machine humming was deafening. Not the most relaxing of atmosphere's especially when you have no idea how long you will have to wait. When I eventually saw the doctor who was brilliant. Very kind and sympathetic and explained everything clearly. The doctor seemed to have plenty of time for me and I think the reason many reviews are 5 star and just as many 1 star, is that it probably depends on what time of day you go. When I left at 7 am it was starting to get busy and there was a very abusive drunk shouting their head off."

Feedback from Twitter

Full tweets: @JacquelineSwapp and @Choueka1