Feedback of the week - 2 June

2 June 2017

We regularly receive encouraging feedback regarding the services at our trust, via patient letters, NHS Choices or Patient Opinion reviews and our social media accounts, such as our official Twitter account @RoyalfreeNHS and our Facebook page. Take a look at some of this week's feedback below.

Feedback from NHS Choices

Amazing people and service

Last Tuesday 23rd May at 2225 I took my daughter to Barnet A&E. She had a painful abscess that the GP had said if it gets worse go to A&E. We were seen in 20 minutes buy a wonderful nurse who gave us advice and reassured my daughter. There were around 20 people waiting to be seen. Incredible.

Two days later we were back at the abscess had grown quickly and was under the armpit so we were worried. That same day she had an operation to remove the abscess under general anaesthetic, and we were home again that day. The care my daughter received in Willow ward and A&E was just second to none. Amazing.
It made me feel very proud to have the NHS.

I understand we were maybe a bit lucky but how dare anyone knock the amazing NHS service, the envy of the world, yes there are challenges but there are challenges everywhere.

Anonymous, via NHS Choices

Feedback from Twtter