Feedback of the week - 24 March

24 March 2017

We regularly receive encouraging feedback regarding the services at our trust, via patient letters, NHS Choices or Patient Opinion reviews and our social media accounts, such as our official Twitter account @RoyalfreeNHS and our Facebook pagenotifications/">Facebook page. Take a look at some of this week's feedback below.

Feedback from NHS Choices

"Unexpected visit

I had occasion to visit Barnet hospital with my husband in the early hours of Sunday morning 12th March. He was suffering with a bacterial virus which lead to servere dehydration. This brought on delerium & a fall. We were dealt with very quickly & very satisfactory. The staff were pleasant, caring & I was confident that everything they did lead to my husband being discharged to complete a full recovery. We are very grateful to the hardworking team at Barnet Hospital."

"Endoscopy and colonoscopy

I have never written a review in my life but this one needs to be shared . I was admitted for endoscopy and colonoscopy both last week on the same day . As most of you I was terrified . But the nurse and the doctor were brilliant . Both procedure done in 20 min and to be honest I didn't even realise anything until it was over. Gagged once in endoscopy and that was it . Nothing comfortable at all . Now waiting in the results of biopsies (fingers crossed ). If I had to do it again I won't be worried at all."

Feedback from Twitter

Full tweets: @shamshini, @heiditennant and @sparky000