Feedback of the week - 30 September

30 September 2016

We regularly receive encouraging feedback regarding the services at our trust, via patient letters, NHS Choices or Patient Opinion reviews and our social media accounts, such as our official Twitter account@RoyalFreeNHS and our Facebook page. Take a look at some of this week's feedback below.

Feedback from NHS Choices

"A very good caring service thank you to all concerned

A big thank you for the efficiency to the A&E department where I had an accident within the hospital grounds on the stairs . There was a Doctor walking down the stairs who turned around and asked if I was ok, I said yes, the Doctor in question said you are bleeding and offered to take me to A&E. The doctor asked if I had a tissue and I responded yes in my bag which the doctor handed to me to stem the flow of blood as the doctor was taking me to the A&E department whereby the doctor stayed with me until the receptionist had booked me in. (A big thank you to that Dr.)

I was seen in fifteen minutes, whereby a staff nurse/nurse had a look and went to get a second opinion they called for the maxillofacial (Plastics!) staff who did come and look at the laceration and said it needed stitches 12 to 13 they were extremely good and careful as i was given an injection, they stitched up the corner of the right eye outwards. This took an extremely long time as it was a delicate area that they had to sew ( a big thank you to both of you). The same Dr/Consultant gave me a tube of Chloramphenicol ointment to put on the stitches. Whereby they told me that they needed to come out between 7 - 10 days time. I

Thank you to the staff involved in my care, you are all very efficient and caring. I cannot say enough about you. All the best in the future."

Feedback from Twitter

Full tweets: @ladnan86, @Jlpcoach and @b00mstick