Children’s allergy web chat

Allergy is a common problem among children, who can react to various harmless substances in the environment including foods and materials that are breathed in or come into contact with the skin. 

Allergy can cause or worsen a range of problems including eczema, asthma, rhinitis/hay fever, and urticaria (hives). Severe reactions known as anaphylaxis are less common but need to be managed carefully.

If you have a question about your child’s allergy, join Dr Ian Pollock, consultant paediatrician, and Kerry Neate, paediatric nurse specialist, for our children’s allergy web chat on 15 September at 6-7pm.

Join the web chat

To participate in the web chat, please return to this page at 6pm on Thursday 15 September. If you would like to submit a question in advance, please email with 'Children's allergy web chat' in the subject line.

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