Orthoptics web chat

Orthoptics is the study and treatment of irregularities of the eyes, especially those of the eye muscles that prevent normal 'binocular' vision - vision using two eyes with overlapping fields of view to enable good perception of depth.

Orthoptists are specialists in orthoptics and provide expert knowledge on a range of eye movement disorders as well as children's visual development such as squint (strabismus) or lazy eye (amblyopia).

If you have any questions related to your child's eyes, questions about double vision or about anything else relating to eye health, please join Jonathan Dominic, lead orthoptist at the Royal Free Hospital, for our web chat from 6-7pm on 23 June.

Jonathan's work entails assessment and management of children with visual defects and squints, and adults with double vision. He has a special interest in stroke and developed an orthoptic lead stroke service at his previous trust.

Join the web chat

To participate in the web chat, please return to this page at 6pm on Thursday 23 June. If you would like to submit a question in advance, please email rf.mediaenquiries@nhs.net with 'orthoptics web chat' in the subject line.

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