Patient Initiated Follow-Up

What is Patient Initiated Follow-Up?

Patient initiated follow-up is a fixed-term arrangement where you can initiate your own follow-up appointment in Dermatology when you need to be seen, rather than going back to your GP for re-referral.

What can I use a Patient Initiated Follow-Up for?

If your original skin condition flares or you want to discuss something with a clinician regarding your original skin condition, you can arrange another appointment.

Can I use Patient Initiated Follow-Up for any skin condition?

The Patient Initiated Follow-Up arrangement is only for the original skin condition for which you are being seen in Dermatology. It is not for any new or different skin condition. For new or different skin conditions a new referral via the GP is required.

How long does the Patient Initiated Follow-Up arrangement last?

The duration of the PIFU arrangement will be agreed at the start of the arrangement and recorded. It will vary according to the skin condition and situation.

How do I arrange a Patient Initiated Follow-Up Appointment?

You can arrange an appointment by contacting the Dermatology team via:

Please include the type of clinic you need to be seen in, for example: psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc and / or name of your clinician.

How soon will I be seen after initiating Patient Initiated Follow-Up?

It is aimed that Patient Initiated Follow-Up Appointments will be within four to six weeks of contacting the Dermatology team.

What happens after the end of the Patient Initiated Follow-Up agreement?

If your skin condition flares after the end of the Patient Initiated Follow-Up agreement and you need to see a member of the Dermatology, you will need to see your GP and be re-referred if needed.