Public sector apprenticeship targets 2017

Every year the public sector is required by law to publish the number of apprenticeships starts as a percentage of its workforce headcount. The target for this is for the trust to have regard to the target of achieving an annual average 2.3% of the workforce who are apprentices by 2021.

The government considers the duty to ‘have regard’ to the target to mean that, in making workforce planning decisions, public bodies should actively consider apprenticeships, either for new recruits or as part of career development for existing staff.

The attached document is the published data report.  You will see from the data that we have achieved 1.28% in the first year.  There are many reasons why we haven’t achieved the target in the first year, amongst them the lack of apprenticeship programmes, the lack of training provider to deliver the apprenticeships and the lack of understanding about apprenticeships from line managers. 

We hope that all of these issues in the coming years will be resolved leading to greater growth.

If you want more information on these targets or wish to discuss apprenticeships in more detail then contact: