After your angiogram

Angiogram access sitesOnce the procedure has finished you will either walk or return on the trolley to the same bed space in recovery. Recovery should take approx two to four hours, depending on your procedure.

Wrist access site

  • If your procedure was carried out via your wrist, a tight band will be applied to keep pressure on the site. This will be gradually released during recovery. You can sit up straight away and walk shortly after.

Groin access site

  • If they use a small dissolvable plug known as an angioseal you will need to lie flat for 30 minutes, after this you can sit up for a further 30 minutes and get out of bed after an hour.
  • If the doctor or nurse has to use manual pressure to seal your wound, you will need to lie flat for one hour, sit up for one hour and get out of bed after two hours.

You will be able to eat and drink once you are sitting up after your procedure. If you have any specific dietary needs please inform us as soon as you arrive. Please note we can only offer sandwiches as we have no kitchen facilities for hot food.

A relative or friend can wait with you during your recovery. It is advisable to only have one companion due to limited space in the recovery area.

We advise you to bring a book/newspaper/something to listen to in order to help you pass the time.

The doctor will see you before you go home to explain the results of the procedure and discuss your plan of care. If there are any changes to your medication you will receive a prescription which you can fill in Lloyds pharmacy also on the ground floor.

If you have had stents put in, you will need to be seen by one of the cardiac rehabilitation nurses (CRN) before you go home. They will advise you on lifestyle and medication changes after your procedure.

If you have any holidays planned after your procedure please discuss this with the consultant who does your procedure.

Read our discharge advice.