Discharge advice

Do I need someone to collect me?

Yes, it is important to arrange for someone to collect you from the unit after your procedure and arrange for them to stay with you for the following 24 hours. If you think this will be a problem please inform us as early as possible as this may affect the date of your procedure. If you need to organise hospital transport please do so by contacting the booking office on 033 3240 4909.

Your escort will need to come to the unit to collect you, the nursing staff can advise you after the procedure on your discharge time.

You will have a small transparent dressing which can be removed after 24 hours. After this there is no need to put another dressing.

At home

If you are concerned or worried about anything you can contact the cardiology day ward where you had your procedure. If you need to be seen urgently it is important to contact your GP or to attend A&E.

It is normal for the puncture site to be sore and tender for up to one week. Bruising and a small lump may also be present.

If you develop fever, redness, swelling, altered sensation, a large lump at the puncture site or become unwell contact your GP or local A&E.


You can shower after 24 hours but do not have a bath for five days. This helps the healing of the site. Please avoid using creams or lotions on the area for 24 hours. Bruising and a small lump may also be present.

Please be aware it is advised to take some time off work and you should discuss this with your doctor. You should not drive for 48 hours after an angiogram. If you have a stent put in you should not drive for one week. This will be discussed by the cardiac rehab nurse.

You should avoid exercise for the first few days while the puncture site heals completely. It is important to build activity levels back up gradually, especially if you have stents.