Parenthood education

Congratulations on becoming a parent. As you embark on this journey, we have developed a three-part education series to help parents-to-be through the different stages of childbirth.

Workshop 1: Becoming a parent

Workshop 1 is the first our our three-part series, and provides information on where you can have your baby, how to build relationships with your unbord child and links to other sources of important information for you to read.

Workshop 2: Preparing for birth

This workshop provides more detailed information on how to prepare for birth, including pre-birth exercises, a list of what to bring into hospital with you, the three stages of labour and how your birth partner can get involved and support you during your labour.

Workshop 3: Infant feeding and caring for your baby

Our final workshop provides you with plenty of information about feeding choices for your baby, skin-to-skin contact, positioning and much more.

Please note, these workshops are intended to support the information and advice given to you directly by your maternity team. If you have any questions about the information included, or any concerns, please contact your named midwife or email the parenthood education team: