Multiple sclerosis (MS)

The multiple sclerosis clinical nurse specialist (MS CNS) service incorporates the acute services at Chase Farm Hospital, the Royal Free Hospital and the commissioned services at the neurological rehabilitation centre at Edgware Community Hospital, with multiple sclerosis clinical nurse specialists based at both these locations.

The MS CNS recognises the very individual needs of every person with multiple sclerosis (MS) through diagnosis and beyond. The service upholds the principles of management for this long term neurological condition as documented in NICE Guidelines and the National Service Framework for Long Term Conditions.

Our aim is to provide a resource for people with MS which enables them to manage and respond appropriately to changes in their symptoms, enabling them to achieve their best health and quality of life through support, education, information, medicine management and monitoring, sign posting and referral.

Liaison with other healthcare professionals and members of the multidisciplinary team ensures timely specialist input to the variable and unpredictable symptoms associated with this condition.