Our outpatient service treats patients who are attending our hospitals for treatment without a need to stay overnight. Read our elective access policy.

Attending your hospital appointment

When coming to your outpatient appointment you will visit one of our clinics. Please make sure you arrive no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.

Patients in the waiting room may be there to see a different clinician from you. This means they may arrive after you but be called for their appointment before you. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible but delays are sometimes unavoidable. We'll tell you if there's likely to be a wait.

Who you’ll see

You will see a consultant or a member of their team. If you have any questions or concerns please ask during your appointment. We want to make sure you understand your medical condition and its treatment.

The Royal Free London is a leading teaching trust and medical students may sometimes be present during your consultation. Medical students will always ask your permission to be in attendance. If you would prefer for a student not to be present, please do tell us. This will not affect your care.


Referral details

All referrals to our outpatient services are via your GP.

Patient leaflets

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