Outpatient and group physiotherapy

Individual physiotherapy

Children’s physiotherapists provide treatment to babies, children and young people in a variety of different clinic settings. Treatment may be provided as one-to-one physiotherapy working closely with parents/carers during the sessions and providing home physiotherapy/ exercise programmes.


The children’s physiotherapy service runs term-time groups and summer holiday groups. Physiotherapists will decide whether children and young people are best treated individually or in a group situation depending on their assessment findings.

Groups run in blocks of treatment and children need to attend all sessions to benefit from the treatment and to meet their physiotherapy goals. Parents/carers are expected to be involved in the group activities so that physiotherapy techniques can be practised and implemented at home.

Groups that may be offered within the service:

  • Pilates/core stability group
  • Strength and fitness group
  • Trampoline/rebound therapy group
  • Aquatic/hydrotherapy group
  • Gross motor skills group
  • Summer holiday motor skills group