Dr Anthony Gubbay

Job title

Clinical Service Lead for Pain



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Contact details

Phone number: 020 8216 5238

Related services

Anaesthetics, Pain management


Dr Gubbay has enjoyed working at the Trust for several years through managing both acute and chronic pain conditions, and in anaesthesia. For pain, he specialises in head and neck pains including whiplash injuries, spine and musculoskeletal pain including rotator cuff injuries and sciatica, abdominal pain, and pelvic and abdominal visceral pain. He also has an interest in nerve pain, phantom pain, trigeminal neuralgia, pain after shingles and CRPS. From his research experience, Dr Gubbay has interest in opioids rationalisation for non-malignant pain.

Through his passion for education, Dr Gubbay is both a clinical and educational supervisor for anaesthetic trainees undertaking their pain modules, whilst being actively involved in undergraduate and post graduate teaching. He also lectures locally, nationally, and internationally and has been published widely in anaesthesia and pain journals.

Dr Gubbay enjoys spending his leisure time with his large family. His other interests include photography and music.


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