Dr Derralynn Hughes

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Senior lecturer in haematology and consultant haematologist



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Phone number: 020 7472 6588

Email address: derralynnhughes@nhs.net

PA/secretary email address: rmgvdah@ucl.ac.uk

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Lysosomal storage disorder - Gaucher's disease


Dr Derralynn Hughes is a senior lecturer in haematology at University College London, UK, and has clinical responsibilities in the area of haematology and lysosomal storage disorders at the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust. She directs the research programme in the lysosomal storage disorders unit research laboratory and is principle investigator of a number of clinical trials, registries and observational studies. Dr Hughes studied medicine at Oxford University in the UK, and joined the research group in the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology as an MRC training fellow, writing a doctoral thesis in the area of macrophage biology. Her interest in the role of the macrophage in inflammatory and developmental processes has endured and now, she has focused her laboratory research interests towards the role of inflammatory cell interactions in the pathophysiology of the lysosomal storage disorders Gaucher and Fabry disease. Major laboratory projects are currently aimed at understanding the pathophysiology underlying Gaucher-related bone pathology, increased incidence of malignancy in Gaucher disease and phenotypic variation in Anderson-Fabry disease.

Dr Hughes has a clinical research commitment and is actively involved in a number of trials examining the efficacy of enzyme replacement therapy and other new therapies in the treatment Gaucher, Fabry, Pompe and MPS disorders. A particular interest relates to the clinical and biological effects of Anderson-Fabry disease in women. Recent publications included the effects of enzyme replacement therapy on the cardiomyopathy of Fabry disease and  females with Fabry disease, the development of an age-adjusted  and prognostic scoring systems  for Anderson Fabry disease, the pathophysiology of bone complications in  Gaucher disease, recommendations for the management of haematological complications of Gaucher disease, and the effect of delayed diagnosis in myeloma.


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