Dr Esther Hansen

Job title

Consultant clinical psychologist


BSc (Hons), DClinPsy, PGDip

GMC Number

HCPC PYL 06606

Contact details

Email address: rf.psychologicaltherapies@nhs.net

Private practice email address: info@estherhansen.co.uk

Related services

Plastic surgery, Psychology


Dr Esther Hansen is the joint lead for psychological therapies and counseling across the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, with a focus on ensuring that patients are able to access holistic care that considers their mental and physical health, and supports recovery where possible. She works clinically in the plastic surgery department, specialising in the treatment of body image concerns following injury, congenital issues, or after surgery that has altered appearance. She is involved in pre-surgical psychological assessments to support decision-making and planning for surgical interventions.

Across her 20 years of clinical practice, she has also worked for several years in a community physical rehabilitation team offering a service to patients with neurological disease/events, respiratory and cardiac conditions, generalised frailty, and those who are post-surgery. She has also been involved in co-leading the development of long-term conditions pathways in IAPT (psychological therapies) services as a pilot before being commissioned more broadly across the UK. She has published widely, teaches a variety of professional groups and is research active, focused on psychological aspects in surgical settings.


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