Dr Howard Stevens

Job title

Consultant dermatologist
Skin cancer lead 


MA (Oxon), MBBS, FRCP, PhD. (Lond)

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Contact details

Phone number: 020 8441 1043

Email address: howard@howardstevens.co.uk

Private practice phone number: 020 3603 0523/020 8370 9500/020 8457 4500/020 8441 1043/020 8950 9090/020 7317 7751

Related services

Cancer services, Dermatology


Howard Stevens is a general dermatologist with an interest in skin cancer, dermatological and Mohs surgery. He trained at the Royal Free and Royal London Hospitals. He is a Wellcome research fellowship and did a PhD into genetic skin disease. He is skin cancer lead for barnet skin cancer MDT. 


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