Dr Rama Vancheeswaran

Job title

Consultant respiratory and general physician


FRCP, MSc Immunology, PhD

GMC Number


Contact details

PA/secretary phone number: 020 8216 4986

PA/secretary email address: sue.caligari@nhs.net

Related services

Respiratory medicine


Dr Vancheeswaran is a respiratory physician with a subspecialty interest in both airways disease and interstitial lung disease (ILD). She is part of the BTS COPD specialist advisory group and is a British Lung Foundation patient ambassador. Dr Vancheeswaran covers the Barnet COPD service and provides integrated care input to the community. This includes consultant cover for the hospital at home services and the community clinics. Dr Vancheeswaran leads the ILD service which is networked with UCLH; she has set up a large service with over 1,200 patients since 2006. This is a specialist service which provides the entire pathway for diagnosis and management of the spectrum of ILD.

She is a general physician who provides acute care for the general take and in patients in both the respiratory and the acute medical wards.

Dr Vancheeswaran’s other skills include management of difficult asthma, cough and sleep. 


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