Dr Rebecca Liu

Job title

Consultant neurologist



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Contact details

Phone number: 020 7830 2864

Email address: Rebecca.Liu@nhs.net

PA/secretary email address: Rosalind.Butterworth@nhs.net

Fax: 020 7317 7764

Private practice phone number: 020 7830 2864

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Dr Liu is a consultant neurologist at the Royal Free Hospital where she runs general neurology and specialist epilepsy clinics treating patients with newly diagnosed and chronic refractory epilepsy. She is the audit lead for neuroscience for the trust and is the community clinical lead for epilepsy in Camden. She has helped establish and lead a community epilepsy service in Camden which provides integrated and holistic epilepsy care. She also has an interest in functional neurological disorders. She is an honorary consultant neurologist at the National Hospital, Queen Square. Her PhD and research interests lie in the structural effects of epilepsy.


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