Dr Sarah Needleman

Job title

Consultant clinical oncologist.

Lead for radiotherapy.

Director of medical education.



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Contact details

PA/secretary phone number: Agnieszka McDonnell: 020 7472 6767

PA/secretary email address: agnieszka.mcdonnell1@nhs.net

Private practice phone number: Angie Fisher - 020 7830 2169

Private practice email address: angiefisher@nhs.net

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Dr Sarah Needleman is principal investigator for breast or urology cancer trials and is committed to delivering high-quality, individualised patient care.

She has an MSc in oncology and has published oncological manuscripts related to breast or pelvic malignancy.

She is passionate about education, and has been awarded education fellowships, undertaken educational research and published related manuscripts.


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Medical Education Publications

The validity of the Annual review of competence progression : a qualitative study of the perceptions of junior doctors and their trainers Viney R, Rich A, Needleman S, Griffin A, Woolf K, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine 2017 Jan 1

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