Dr Swee-Ling Wong

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Consultant clinical oncologist



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PA/secretary phone number: (Royal Free): Wasamunu Sitali, 020 7472 6767 ext 31641 (Barnet): Elizabeth Coleman, 020 8375 1915

PA/secretary email address: wasamunu.sitali@nhs.net


Barnet Hospital

Royal Free Hospital

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Dr Wong is a radiation oncologist specialising in lung, upper gastro-intestinal and hepatobiliary cancers at the Royal Free Hospital and Barnet Hospital. She undertook her medical training at the University of Cambridge and King's College London. Her research in proton therapy in lung cancers was awarded a MD (Res) from University College London. She has a keen interest in advanced radiotherapy techniques and is actively involved in clinical trials research. 


Retrospective planning study of patients with superior sulcus tumours comparing pencil beam scanning protons to volumetric modulated arc therapy Wong, SL., Alshaikhi, J., Grimes, H., Amos, RA., Poynter, A., Rompokos, V., Gulliford, S., Royle, G., Liao, Z., Sharma, RA., Mendes, R. Clin Oncol, 2020. DOI 10.1016/j.clon.2020.07.016.

A methodology to extract outcomes from routine healthcare data for patients with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer Wong, SL., Ricketts, K., Royle,G., Williams, M. and Mendes, R. BMC Health Services Research. 2018. 18:278.

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Whole-brain radiotherapy for NSCLC patients with multiple brain metastases – an update Wong, SL., Mendes, R., Lee, SM. RAD magazine. September 2015.

Validation of clinical acceptability of an atlas-based segmentation algorithm for the delineation of organs at risk in head and neck cancer Hoang Duc A.K., Eminowicz G., Mendes R., Wong .SL., McClelland J., Modat M., Cardoso M.J., Mendelson A.F., Veiga C., Kadir T. and Ourselin S. Medical Physics. Medical Physics. The International Journal of Medical Physics Research and Practice.42. 5027. July 2015

Optimization of Multimodal and Multitemporal Deformable Image Registrations for Head and Neck Cancer C. Veiga, R. Mendes, D. Kittapa, Wong, SL, R. Bodey, M. Modat, S. Ourselin, G. Royle, and J. McClelland. May 2015. Imaging and Computer Assistance in Radiation Therapy Workshop of the 18th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention. Munich, Germany. 

Poster Presentations

Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in second primary lung cancer: a review of outcomes. Mohammed, AL., Wong, SL., Ariyaratne, H. UK SABR Consortium Annual Professional Conference 2021. 18th -19th November 2021. 

Lung SABR single institution plan metrics comparison: isodose volume versus prescription dose. Pasciuti, K., Anderson, A., Falkowski, J., Lovegrove, M., Wong, SL., Ariyaratne, H. UK SABR Consortium Annual Professional Conference 2021. 18th -19th November 2021. 

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Planning study comparing the use of photon radiation therapy compared to proton therapy for superior sulcus tumours. Wong, SL., Alshaikhi, J., Lalli, N., Bhudia, P., D’ Souza, D., Amos, R., Royle, G., Mendes, R. British Thoracic Oncology Group Conference 2016. 27th – 29th 2016; Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence Conference 2016. 13th -15th December 2015. 

Planning study comparing the use of photon radiation therapy to proton therapy for superior sulcus tumours (SSTs). Wong, SL, J. Alshaikhi, N. Lalli, R. Amos, G. Royle, R. Mendes. PPRIG Proton Therapy Physics Workshop. 1st – 2nd October 2015. 

A review of bladder filling protocols for patients receiving radical pelvic radiotherapy. Wong, SL, Woolf, D.K., Beaton, L., Shoffren, O., Powell, M. 3rd ESTRO Forum. April 2015. 

Audit of Chemoradiotherapy (CRT) in Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer. Wong, SL, Morley, T, Meng, K, Mahmood, W, Forster, M, Mendes, R. British Thoracic Oncology Group conference. January 2015.