Dr Tara M Mastracci

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Clinical director, vascular surgery and clinical lead, complex aortic surgery



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Phone number: 020 7830 2163

Email address: rf.aorticreferrals@nhs.net

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Aortic surgery, Vascular surgery


Dr Mastracci is a vascular surgeon with an interest in complex aortic repair.  She completed general and vascular surgery training at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and moved on to a superfellowship in complex aortic repair at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.  Dr Mastracci’s first consultant position was at the Cleveland Clinic, where she also held a position as assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University for seven years.  Dr Mastracci moved to the Royal Free London in October 2014 to lead the aortic team.

Dr. Mastracci is a clinical epidemiologist by training and focuses most of her research in clinical outcomes related to disease of the aorta.  She has a specific interest in endovascular aneurysm repair, stent graft design and development, the genetics of aortic disease, and the advancement of new intraoperative imaging techniques.  Recently Dr Mastracci has partnered with the radiation physics department atthe Royal Free Hospital to improve radiation safety in the field of vascular surgery.


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