Miss Maxine Tran

Job title

Senior lecturer in renal cancer surgery and honorary consultant urological surgeon



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PA/secretary phone number: 020 7794 0500 x32467

Fax: 020 7830 2468

Related services

Kidney cancer centre, Urology


Miss Maxine Tran has been drawn to kidney cancer ever since her first post as a junior doctor in a urology department almost two decades ago.  She has a special interest in rare inherited kidney cancer syndromes and was awarded a competitive MRC clinical training fellowship for her PhD research at Imperial College London (2003-6). She was then appointed as clinical lecturer in urology at Cambridge University Hospital.

Maxine is dedicated to improving the knowledge of the biology underlying kidney cancer. This will ultimately translate to earlier diagnoses, better management and wider treatment options for patients. 

She has been awarded grants from the MRC, Academy of Medical Sciences, Addenbrookes’ Charitable Trust.  Her current research is being supported by Kidney cancer UK, Facing up 2 Kidney cancer, The Royal Free Hospital Charity and St Peter’s Trust.   


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Book Chapters

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  • The molecular genetics and pathology of renal cell carcinoma. Tran MGB, O’Brien TS, Maxwell PH . Scientific basis of Urology 2010 Chapter 22 Informa Healthcare
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