Mrs Paroo Mistry

Job title

Locum consultant orthodontist  


MSc MOrth 
(RCS Eng) 

Contact details

Fax: 020 8342 1201

Related services

Maxillofacial, Orthodontics


Paroo Mistry is experienced in treating a wide range of complex orthodontic cases including patients with multiple missing teeth and patients requiring jaw surgery.  Her research interest is the effect of thumb sucking habits on the teeth and her work has been published widely. 


  • Journal of Orthodontics Commentary. A Scottish cost analysis of interceptive orthodontics for thumb sucking habits. Borrie et al. Journal of Orthodontics June 2013; 40(2):120
  • BOS Digit Sucking Patient Information Leaflet. Composed and designed the BOS Patient Information Leaflet, working alongside Mr David Morris and Ms Nadine Houghton. Available from BOS from 2013
  • The occlusal effects of digit sucking habits amongst school children in Northamptonshire (UK). P Mistry, D Moles, J O’Neill, J. Noar. Accepted by the Journal of Orthodontics
  • An audit of mini-implant success rates. P Mistry, R Cousley. BOS Clinical Effectiveness Bulletin, May 2009
  • A comparison of tooth wear in children with Down’s syndrome, children with other intellectual mental disability and children without disability. JS Rees, L Jara, A Ondarza, P Mistry, E Laing and O Odell. Journal of Disability and Oral Health Volume 5 (1) April 2004