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Patient governor

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Oswald Fernando FRCS. FRCS(Ed)

Oswald came to the UK in October 1963 and having completed surgical training joined the Royal Free Hospital in 1968. The Renal Failure service was starting with the hospital and home haemodialysis. The Transplant program became an integral part of management of all the patients in renal failure..

Starting as a Research Fellow and progressing through as Lecturer in Surgery Oswald was appointed Consultant Transplant Surgeon in 1976. He retired in 1999 and then continued as a Locum Transplant Surgeon for a further 10 years.

Oswald was responsible for the training of many Transplant Surgeons in UK and overseas and was involved in research and development of immunosuppressive agents. He has the Fellowships of the Royal Colleges of England and Edinburgh and also Honorary Fellowships in Sri Lanka.

He initiated the Paediatric Transplant Programs at the Royal Free and the Hospital for Sick Children at Great Ormond Street

Having been a founding Member of the British Transplant Society Oswald was honoured to receive Life Membership

Oswald has continued his association with the Royal Free kidney Patients Association and still remains in contact with many of his patients