Professor Clive Handler

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Consultant in pulmonary hypertension



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PA/secretary phone number: 020 7794 0500 ext 35893

Fax: 020 7317 7747

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Pulmonary hypertension


Professor Handler is a consultant cardiologist working in the National Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Unit and honorary clinical professor, division of medicine, UCL. He graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical School, trained in cardiology at Guy’s, UCH and the Middlesex Hospitals and was consultant cardiologist at Northwick Park and St Mary’s Hospitals and honorary senior lecturer in medicine at Imperial College before being appointed to the Royal Free Hospital. He is a member of the UCL FLARRE research collaborative with interests in improving survival in PAH, clinical trials, new treatments for pulmonary hypertension, and teaching and education for doctors and lay people.  He is the author or editor of 13 books on cardiology, translational medicine, vascular biology and for patient education.


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