Hans Stauss

Job title

Head of clinical immunology and appointed governor representing University College London


MD, D.M.Sci, US diploma, PhD, FRCPath

GMC Number


Contact details

Phone number: 020 7794 0500 ext 33321

Email address: h.stauss@ucl.ac.uk

PA/secretary phone number: 020 7794 0500 ext 36662

PA/secretary email address: m.sait@ucl.ac.uk

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Professor Hans J. Stauss is the head of clinical immunology at the Royal Free Hospital. His main focus is the analysis of antigen-specific T lymphocyte responses to tumours and the development of immunotherapy approaches for treatment of cancer and chronic infection.

Hans is the director of the Institute of Immunity and Transplantation, co-director of the UCL Division of Infection and Immunity and chair for the Infection, Immunity and Inflammation Programme at UCL Partners. He was also appointed to the council of governors in April 2012.


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