Professor Massimo Pinzani

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Sheila Sherlock chair of hepatology
Director, UCL institute for liver and digestive health



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Phone number: 02074332851

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Prof. Massimo Pinzani (H-Index 60) is a hepatologist with over 25 years of experience in the area of chronic liver diseases with high expertise in the cellular and molecular mechanisms of hepatic fibrogenesis and the development of biomarkers and other non invasive methods to assess liver tissue fibrosis. Prof. Pinzani moved to the UK in July 2012 as new UCL Sheila Sherlock chair of hepatology and director of the UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health. He has served as board member in several international organisations and as associate editor/editor for international peer-reviewed journals. Prof. Pinzani’s research activity has been continuously funded since 1994 by national (Italy) and international organisations (EU frameworks).